Friday, December 3, 2010

Why Did Michelle Carston Get Divorced

Why Did Michelle Carston Get Divorced? That is the question many people have been asking recently. Michelle Carston is a quadriplegic and has been even before her son Pierce was born into this world. This relationship has been featured as a documentary on the TLC channel under the title “Paralyzed and Pregnant: 4 Years Later.”

When she was twenty three years old on vacation with her boyfriend at the time in Cancun she dove off a pier there into shallow water which she tragically found out later. It caused her to break her neck and resulted in being paralyzed below her shoulders, and partial use of her hands. She married later and did indeed have a healthy son. Unfortunately new health problems came after her child’s birth. Now Michelle has lost the ability to sit up in her wheel chair due to black outs. This along with other costly things due to her disability left many financial burdens. This ultimately was the reason of her divorce.

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